True Track 1: “Wa7ashteny” covered by Alaa Wardi

The first track that I want to showcase is not English. Surprise. I was not joking about looking for good music.

Enjoy the track, which is covered completely accapella(using only the voice):

The chords used in this music is much more complex than a typical chord. The 7th chords, which are commonly seen in jazz music, shape the music in a soothing way. The Arabic lyrics add to that soothing feeling. People from the Middle East have a very bad representation in Western countries, thanks to certain people who are way too extreme with their beliefs. Nobody really knows that they are a laid-back group of people who are romantic too, and this song proves that.

“Wa7ashteny” was created originally by Amr Diab. You can check out the original(with English translations) here:

Expect more high-quality songs coming your way!


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