True Track 6 : Paddy O’Brien’s “Scatter The Mud”

“Scatter The Mud” is a folk song of Irish origin. Most Irish folk songs use fiddles/violins as a primary instruments. This track is very unique, since guitars play some of the fiddle’s parts. Although this is an Irish jig, which is a fast-paced triple-time piece, there is something that effectively relaxes me and fills me with positive energy.

There are some parts in this music that intrigued me, and might be of interest to you:

At time 1:42- The chords here are commonly used in mainstream music. But the harmonic progression, or the way this second section transitions from the first section, is definitely unheard of, at least by a person who listens to mainstream music.

At time 2:50 – Around this time, the first violin joins the music. And the violin plays a jolly melody along with the guitars.

At time 3:10- There is a sudden change in the mood of the piece here, and this part is what I think of as the jewel of the piece. This part seems a little darker, but is immediately followed by the jolly tune that was played earlier. This adds to the depth of this piece.

I am not completely sure of the original composer of this piece. This track is featured on Gerald Trimble’s album “First Flight”. Whatever the case, listen to this track and immerse yourself.



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