True Track 11: “Kolechko” by Hans Zimmer

The Russian word Kolechko translates to ringlet in English.  In the Russian folk song, a woman grieves about her ex-lover. This folk song was remade for the 2002 movie Dr. Zhivago.

What’s not to love about this track? The Russian singer Lyudmila Zykina uses vibratos, which can be clearly heard at the beginning. Lyudmila’s dynamic range goes from soft to incredibly loud(which can be heard clearly at 1:30). Here, Lyudmila sings using her diaphragm, which is a very difficult way to sing.

Another reason why I like this track is due to the amazing orchestral score, arranged by the famous soundtrack producer Hans Zimmer. He is one of my all-time favorite composers, composing background music for famous movies like Lion King, Inception, and the Dark Knight series.

Folk songs have simple words and short stanzas, but they bring something unique to the music spectrum, a depth of emotion that has been missed by modern songs. I hope that you like this Russian folk song!


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