True Track 18: “How Much a Dollar Cost” by Kendrick Lamar

Usually, people might think that rap music is related to violence, a life of excess, and self-boasting. However, Kendrick Lamar defies these stereotypes by making several songs related to positive social change, self-love, and real-life experiences that many people have faced. “How Much A Dollar Cost” was chosen by President Obama as his favorite song of 2015. In this song, Kendrick Lamar raps about his interaction with a homeless man. The instrumentation consists of a string section, which is rarely used in rap music, and makes it unique. The percussion used an off-beat rythmic pattern. The percussion instruments have a heavy amount of reverb, and accompanied with the piano chords,the music feels very laid-back, and waves over you. There are several artists who lent their voice to this track. The singers James Fauntleroy and Ronald Isley represent the voice of God. It’s a lot to take in at first, but help yourself and listen to it several times to truly appreciate the genius here.


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