True Track 5: Native American music(Shoshone tribe)

Native Americans are a very diverse group of people. Most of the Native American music that I have listened to in the past involved big drums, and chants. I have had the fortune of participating in a traditional Round Dance, and the rhythm of the drum along with the chants and repetitions from the singers made up the music for this dance.
So I was pleasantly surprised when I came across a track from the Shoshone tribe, which had neither drums or chanting! There is definitely more to Native American music than meets the ear. This track predominantly uses flutes, and ensemble of flutes playing harmoniously along with some complex rhythms makes this worth a listen. It will make you smile.


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True Track 4: “Malka moma / Little Girl” by Neli Andreeva

I came across this Bulgarian track, when I searched for “Bulgarian music” on Youtube. It’s that simple, but somehow, these gems are hidden under many other videos which are not necessarily as precious. This is a great track, because although this is a piece of music made a long time ago, this Bulgarian folk song has incredibly complex chords, which don’t follow any progression that the typical music listener is used to. And that aspect made me listen intently to the intricracies of this music, three or four times.

Here it is:

I know. It’s great. Don’t try to explain your emotions. Just experience them.

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True track 3: “Mas Que Nada” by Sergio Mendes(Black Eyed Peas Cover)

This track was featured in the soundtrack of the famous 3D animated  movie “Rio”. “Mas Que Nada”, roughly translated to ” but, that is nothing” or “yeah,right!”, was voted the 5th best Brazilian song ever made(Courtesy:Wikipedia).

I love this song, because of the versatile instruments. The complex piano chords used in this song are not used in pop songs, and there is an elemant of freshness. In fact these chords are uniquely used for the Samba dance style. This song also reflects the Brazilian spirit and love for dance.

You can also check out the original song here:

Those vocals, along with the non-electric sounds, make this track an all-time favorite of mine.

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True track 2: “O Re Piya” by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

For me, a good song has to be cleverly made to help the listener reflect, and feel positive emotions after the experience.

This song, from India, is a relatively new song made in an ancient musical style known as “Ghazal”. Here’s the link:

The instruments are commonly used for Indian songs, the more famous of which is the Indian tabla(which has been used in Selena Gomez’s “Come and get it”. So versatile, right ?)

The offbeat harmonium chords, along with the Indian flute, and the singer’s distinctive timber lend itself to the magnificence of this song.

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True Track 1: “Wa7ashteny” covered by Alaa Wardi

The first track that I want to showcase is not English. Surprise. I was not joking about looking for good music.

Enjoy the track, which is covered completely accapella(using only the voice):

The chords used in this music is much more complex than a typical chord. The 7th chords, which are commonly seen in jazz music, shape the music in a soothing way. The Arabic lyrics add to that soothing feeling. People from the Middle East have a very bad representation in Western countries, thanks to certain people who are way too extreme with their beliefs. Nobody really knows that they are a laid-back group of people who are romantic too, and this song proves that.

“Wa7ashteny” was created originally by Amr Diab. You can check out the original(with English translations) here:

Expect more high-quality songs coming your way!

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I love music. I breathe music. I think about riffs, and words almost every day. In my free time, I look forward to listening to new tracks on Pandora. But its not just one genre. I crave more. I want more from the music I listen to. I don’t want to hear any more songs […]

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